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The Poly Molding blog is where articles and posts relating to construction, architecture, and the arts are regularly posted… information about interesting uses of expanded polystyrene materials.  If you have an interesting project involving our Geofoam and/or EPS products, we would love to hear about it. Just email us some information and a few photo’s and we’ll not only post and give you editorial credit but a link to your website as well.

Geofoam’s Benefits in the Context of Pier Construction

Geofoam is garnering widespread praise for its stability, reliability and longevity in the context of construction. Geofoam is now considered to be one of the top materials used for the construction and support of piers and other water-based structures.
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eps vs xps chart

EPS vs XPS: Why EPS is Better

Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) has a viable challenger in the form of extruded polystyrene (XPS). However, those who are objective and take a close look at the merits of both of these materials insist EPS is the better of the two options.
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Geofoam Cost Saving

Cost Saving Benefits for EPS Geofoam

Wouldn’t it be nice to save 20% to 25% or even more on your building materials with the use of geofoam?
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EPS GeoFoam Shirley Chisholm State Park

Poly Molding’s Role in Shirley Chisholm Park

Poly Molding is proud to have supplied the Geofoam EPS geofoam blocks used in the Shirley Chisholm State Park construction project.
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Geofoam lightweight project

Buoyancy Calculations of EPS Geofoam

Expanded Polystyrene geofoam weighs about 1% of the weight of soil. Add in the fact that this material weighs 10% the weight of alternative lightweight materials and you can see why it is used for buoyancy purposes.
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geofoam bridge

Flute Fillers and Secant Piles Are Our Specialties

When it comes to heavy construction or deep excavation projects requiring significant support systems, think of flute fillers and secant walls, then think of Poly Molding.
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Geofoam Swimming Pool

Swimming Anyone?

The title “Swimming Anyone” isn’t exactly a reference to constructing a swimming pool in a round shape using Geofoam, but heck, we are only so clever.
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Ordering Geofoam? Know What You’re Getting

Many architects, structural engineers, and industrial contractors know, there is more than one grade of geofoam. Know what you’re getting when you are ordering geofoam; it should be marked and validated by the provider lest a catastrophe occur.
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Trump Golf Links at Ferry Point

What Do a Golf Course and Geofoam Have in Common?

What does a golf course and Geofoam have in common? I have to level with you, that Geofoam has been used for so many things it’s hard to be straight on all of its uses
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