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The Poly Molding blog is where articles and posts relating to construction, architecture, and the arts are regularly posted… information about interesting uses of expanded polystyrene materials.  If you have an interesting project involving our Geofoam and/or EPS products, we would love to hear about it. Just email us some information and a few photo’s and we’ll not only post and give you editorial credit but a link to your website as well.

The Importance of EPS Flute Fill in Metal Roofing Construction
Metal roofing is a popular choice for many commercial or non-commercial roofers, but without the proper insulation, it can be
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Accelerating Construction Timelines with Geofoam 
Geofoam, a lightweight, durable, and efficient material, is an excellent option to reduce project timelines and ease the site preparation
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The Importance of EPS Geofoam in Construction
Since the 1930s, EPS Geofoam has been in commercial usage. The discovery of EPS, which is 30 times lighter than in-expanded polystyrene, gave rise to a slew of new applications, including several applications in the construction sector.
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Benefits Of Using EPS Geofoam to Build Lightweight Roads
Geofoam is garnering widespread praise for its stability, reliability and longevity in the context of construction. Geofoam is now considered to be one of the top materials used for the construction and support of piers and other water-based structures.
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How Does EPS Geofoam Help Reduce Lateral Loads on Retaining Walls?
Would you like to learn about how EPS geofoam reduces lateral loads on retaining walls? Click here and we will tell you what you need to know.
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The Impact of Geofoam in our environment
As the world gravitates towards more sustainable practices, geofoam is the emerging star in the construction industry. Read on to discover the ways in which geofoam is saving the earth.
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How Geofoam Products Save Time and Accelerate Construction Projects
Time is money, so it’s important to ensure that the construction process goes as smoothly as possible. Read on to find out how EPS geofoam saves time and accelerates construction projects.
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Why Slopes Fail And How Geofoam Prevents This From Happening
      Drive along highways, and you’ll sometimes notice slopes or inclined grounds. Slopes play a significant role in
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Why Geofoam Should Be Part Of Your Green Construction Projects
Green construction projects are booming, with an increased demand for buildings and structures that are environmentally responsible and utilizes resources
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