The Importance of EPS Flute Fill in Metal Roofing Construction

Metal roofing is a popular choice for many commercial or non-commercial roofers, but without the proper insulation, it can be ineffective. The use of Poly Molding’s EPS Flute Fill as roofing insulation is essential to a durable and long-lasting metal roof. EPS Flute Fill is a lightweight, recycled expanded polystyrene (EPS) material that provides the greatest level of energy efficiency (R-value) and protection against extreme weather conditions.

The superior qualities of Poly Molding’s EPS Flute Fillers in metal roofing construction can help reduce energy costs, increase the lifespan of the roof, and provide excellent insulation performance, all while being cost effective. 

In this article, we will explore the importance of EPS Flute Fill in metal roofing construction and how it can benefit your home or business.

What is EPS Flute Fill?

EPS stands for expanded polystyrene, and it is used in a variety of construction applications. In the case of metal roofing, Poly Molding EPS Flute Fill is used as a thermal insulation layer between the metal roof and the decking.

Metal Roofing panels are formed by connecting two metal sheets together with ribs or panels. The ribs create a ridge, or trough, in the roof that helps strengthen and stabilize the roof structure. Our geofoam products function as flute fillers to close the gap between such spaces, while simultaneously enhancing the roof’s resistance to moisture and bolstering the roof assembly’s R-Value.  Geofoam is the perfect flute filler as it is light in weight, proves strong across posterity and won’t bust your budget.

Poly Molding EPS Flute Fill is a customizable, engineered insulation consisting of a superior closed-cell, lightweight expanded polystyrene (EPS). Poly Molding EPS Flute Filler serves as a void fill installed within the flute of an existing metal roof as a component of a retrofit system. 

The Advantages of Using Poly Molding EPS Flute Fill:

Improved Thermal Performance and R Value

The biggest pro of using Poly Molding EPS Flute Fill in metal roofing is its ability to improve the thermal performance and R-value of your roofing assembly. The air-filled cells within the EPS foam trap air, which acts as a barrier to heat transfer and prevents energy loss. By reducing heat transfer, the building stays cooler and more comfortable for occupants, especially during the hot summer months. Additionally, they also help the structure to withstand high pressure without adding much weight.

Cost Effective

Cost effective thermal design is among the highest of priorities in construction. Poly Molding’s EPS insulation products are available in a range of Types necessary to provide energy efficiency, structural integrity, and cost effectiveness. They are proven to lower energy costs, saving both money and precious resources. EPS Flute Fill can save up to 25% in costs compared to similar iso products.

Durability and Adaptability 

Poly Molding EPS Flute Fill is fully customizable to match your roof’s profile (slope), shape and rib sizes perfectly, leaving no gap in between ribs. Flute Fillers can be custom-cut to fit the flange profile, it can be cut squared, tapered or profile-cut. EPS Flute Fillers are also available in a wide and high range of compressive strengths (10, 15, 25, 40, 60 PSI), making it easy to find the one that matches well with your roof assembly’s needs. This means the material provides ample support and can be subjected to extreme pressure without buckling. Furthermore, our flute filler insulation customization guarantees the ribbed space will be completely concealed without even the slightest gap. Due to its durability and versatility, it almost always comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Lightweight and Easy to Install

Poly Molding EPS Flute Filler strips are strong, yet lightweight, making it easy to transport and install, while still providing the necessary support under the roofing membrane. Flute Filler strips can strengthen a surface without adding additional weight, making it a great choice for both new construction and retrofit projects.

Noise Reduction

Within the roofing and insulation industry, noise concerns should always be a prioritized consideration. Another benefit of EPS Flute Fill is its ability to reduce noise from rain and hail. This is especially important for commercial buildings where noise reduction is a priority.

Sustainable Option

Poly Molding’s Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) is a sustainable building material that is 100% recyclable. It is also an excellent insulator, which can help reduce energy consumption and decrease the building’s carbon footprint.



How to Install EPS Flute Fill

Installing EPS Flute Fill insulation in a metal roofing system is a relatively straightforward process, but it’s important to follow the steps carefully to ensure a proper and secure installation. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to install EPS Flute Fill insulation:

Measure and Cut the EPS Flute Fill: The first step is to measure the dimensions of the metal roof panels and the ribs to cut the EPS flute fill to fit. It’s important to make sure that the foam fits snugly between the panels to ensure maximum insulation performance. 

Clean the Metal Roof Panels: Before installing the EPS Flute Fill, it’s important to clean the metal roof panels to ensure that the foam adheres properly. Use a mild detergent and water to remove any dirt, dust, or debris from the surface.

Apply Adhesive: If you’re using adhesive to install the EPS flute fill, apply a thin, even layer to the back of the foam using a caulk gun or similar tool. Be sure to cover the entire surface of the foam to ensure a secure bond.

Install the EPS Flute Fill: Once the adhesive is applied, carefully place the EPS flute fill between the metal roof panels. Press down firmly to ensure that the foam adheres to the panels and adhesive. 

Secure the Poly Molding EPS Flute Fill: If you’re using mechanical fasteners to secure the EPS flute fill, mark the location of the fasteners on the foam and then drill holes through the foam and into the metal roof decking. Install the fasteners according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

It is important to note that the specific installation process may vary depending on the specific product and application, so be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully.



Use Poly Molding’s EPS Flute Fill for your Next Roofing Project

Metal Roofing is known for its durability and longevity, but it can also be prone to heat transfer, especially in the backdrop of the ribs or flute because there are gaps that need to be filled/sealed to enhance the R-value. By adding Poly Molding EPS Flute Fill, the heat transfer is greatly reduced, helping to keep the building cooler and more comfortable for occupants. 

Additionally, sustainability is at the forefront of our thinking here at Poly Molding, as well as the construction industry. As we move towards a greener future, it is important to us and our customers that all our products are eco-friendly and of high quality. 

In conclusion, Poly Molding EPS Flute Fill is the most efficient and effective method of insulating metal roofs. The superior advantages of the product, matched with the quality assurance and professionalism at Poly Molding, prove that Poly Molding EPS Flute Fills are the future of the roofing industry.

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