Stadium & Theater Seating

Stadium & Theater Seating

Looking for a reliable material for seating in a stadium, theater or other venue? Geofoam is the answer

Geofoam is flexible to the point that it proves functional and reliable for seating in stadiums, theaters, and other venues.  This material can be used to create tiered seating in all sorts of different buildings ranging from gyms to churches, auditoriums, movie theaters and beyond.  Geofoam is provided in a pre-cut manner as blocks of uber-lightweight material, ensuring it can be stacked at your desired height.  This means geofoam is ideal for forming a tiered structure such as stadium or theater seating.

Using ESP blocks for stadium seating infographic

Benefits of Stadium & Theater Seating

Superior Durability

Geofoam’s superior durability, lightweight and compressive resistance makes it ideal for new stadium/theater seating construction, renovations, remodels, and more. There is no need to use any type of special equipment when adding geofoam for seating in a venue. This material is easy to work with, affordable, and poses no threat to the environment.

Quick, Affordable, and Easy

When geofoam is used for seating in theaters or stadiums, the blocks pass through a process involving fabrication and stacking for just the right height. Fascia riser screeds are connected to the blocks so the concrete treads can be placed appropriately. The next step is to add the actual stadium seats, movie theater seats or bleachers. This process is surprisingly quick, affordable, and easy.

Enhances Sound Quality

Even if you do not own or operate a large stadium or movie theater, you can still benefit from geofoam for seating at a wide variety of other venues ranging from churches to auditoriums, lecture halls and beyond. In fact, geofoam’s ease of use sets the stage for forming an entire theater’s worth of seating in a single day’s time. An added benefit of geofoam for seating is its inherent sound dampening greatly enhances the quality of sound in the theater, arena, stadium, or other venue.