PolyNex™ Graphite

Poly Molding’s Graphite Polystyrene (GPS) line of products, PolyNex™, is a high-performance insulation material that offers exceptional thermal performance, reaching R-values of 5.0 per 1-1/16″. This rigid, closed-cell graphite polystyrene insulation, sporting a sleek charcoal gray color, ensures maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Compared to conventional white EPS, PolyNex™ Graphite products offer up to 20% more energy savings. PolyNex™ is environmentally friendly and fully recyclable, while maintaining a lightweight yet durable composition. Serving as an optimal choice across various applications requiring enhanced insulation, Poly Molding’s PolyNex™ is the go-to solution for improved energy efficiency.

Poly Molding’s PolyNex™ GPS is manufactured similarly to EPS, but with the addition of high-purity graphite particles. These particles are infused into the polystyrene beads during the manufacturing process. The graphite particles in GPS act as reflectors of radiant heat energy, functioning like mirrors. This reflective property slows down the transmission of heat by forcing the energy to travel through numerous twists and turns within the material. This increased path length and complexity result in higher thermal resistance, measured by the R-value.The graphite particles also contribute to the distinctive dark gray color of GPS foam. This coloration is a visual indicator of the presence of graphite in the material. Optionally, a clear or reflective laminated facer can be applied to one or both sides of the material to further improve its performance, lowering air infiltration and further improve its thermal properties.

Notably, Poly Molding’s PolyNex™ stands out for its unique characteristic of increasing R-value as temperatures drop, making it a smart insulation choice. It offers stability, durability, and adaptability in terms of size, thickness, shape, and density. The material is also breathable and semi-permeable, effectively managing moisture to reduce the risk of mold and structural damage.

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