Expanded Polystyrene Products

At Poly Molding, we specialize in delivering superior EPS products designed to support commercial, industrial, and residential structures with cost-efficient construction solutions. Our extensive range includes Poly RITE, EIFS Stucco Board, Poly Roofing Panels,  EPS Flute Filler and Poly-fold, ensuring you find the perfect solution for your building insulation needs.


EPS Geofoam is manufactured in dimensions of 4’ x 8’ x 3’ and is highly versatile, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. Its lightweight yet robust composition provides distinct advantages in construction projects involving soft ground, slope stabilization, perimeter insulation, and retaining walls. Benefit from EPS Geofoam’s exceptional strength, stability, and versatility for your next construction endeavor.

Poly R.I.T.E™ – Laminated Sheathing Insulation

POLY R.I.T.E High Density combines an EPS core with polymeric laminated facers, enhancing strength and durability. Available in 2’ x 8’ and 4’ x 8’ sheets, this product offers the benefits of XPS at a lower cost, with compressive strengths ranging from 10 to 60 psi. Ideal for sheathing and perimeter insulation, POLY R.I.T.E provides excellent R-Values, energy efficiency, and moisture resistance to mitigate mold and mildew risks. Available in thicknesses from 3/8″ to 2”, POLY R.I.T.E is versatile for various construction applications.

Poly Roofing Panels™

EPS Roofing Systems by Poly Molding, ideal for both flat and tapered roofing applications. EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) offers cost-effective, low-slope roofing solutions with essential positive slope to ensure efficient drainage. It provides exceptional thermal performance, dimensional stability, and long-term moisture resistance, regulating heat transfer across the building roof. Custom-made to fit your project specifications, our closed-cell lightweight EPS ensures structural integrity while maintaining economic benefits.

EPS Flute Fill

Poly Molding offers EPS Flute Fill, a custom-engineered insulation made from high-quality closed-cell expanded polystyrene (EPS). Our Poly Flute Fill is crafted to ASTM C578 standards, ensuring superior thermal performance. Widely used in bridge construction, metal roofs, and Q-Deck void fill applications, this product is available in flat or tapered options tailored to your project needs. Backed by a lifetime warranty, Poly Molding guarantees durable and dependable solutions for commercial, industrial, and residential projects.

Poly Fold™ – Fanfold Continuous Insulation

Poly Fold offers economical polystyrene insulation known for its exceptional thermal performance. Ideal for Continuous Insulation (CI), Poly Fold ensures long-term benefits by resisting air infiltration, providing water protection, and enhancing energy efficiency. With superior stability and compressive strength, Poly Fold is perfect for both residential and commercial projects. Available in 3/8”, 1/2”, and 3/4” nominal thicknesses and 4’ x 50’ FF (2 squares), each bundle features panels sized at 2’ x 4’. This product improves thermal efficiency, maintaining comfortable indoor temperatures year-round. 

Poly Board™

Poly Board offers a range of EPS insulation options from 10 psi to 60 psi, serving as an ideal substitute for blue or pink boards in projects requiring 25, 40, and 60 psi ratings. Our EPS board products are perfect for applications such as retaining walls, interior and exterior wall replacements, basement insulation, and building perimeter foundation insulation. Additionally, Poly Board is fully recyclable, ensuring environmentally-friendly construction practices. Choose Poly Board for durable, eco-friendly solutions that meet your insulation needs efficiently.

Exterior Insulation Finish Systems

Poly Molding offers high-quality EPS boards made from 100% virgin, closed-cell Expanded Polystyrene (EPS). Our EPS boards are ideal for EIFS and stucco applications in both commercial and residential settings. Virgin EPS foam, essential for Continuous Insulation (CI) and Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS), provides superior dimensional stability and minimal moisture absorption. Poly Molding’s aged EPS boards are tailored to create custom architectural elements, including columns, keystones, quoins, arches, and various fascia trim and moldings, enhancing the exterior aesthetics of any structure.

Other EPS Products

In addition to the products listed above, we also offer a variety of other Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) products for our loyal customers and prospective clients. These include:

We customize EPS packaging to protect, cushion, and insulate products that need storage for shipment and other purposes.

Do you have suspended ceilings that need better insulation? Our poly-tile product is made for this specific purpose. It is also ideal for installation beneath automatic sprinkler systems.

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