Planning landscaping in commercial, residential, or other areas? Geofoam will help

Geofoam‘s low-density is used in a variety of applications including lightweight fill for all different types of landscaping. Whether you are looking to stabilize a slope, bolster a retaining wall, construct on soft ground, or add landscaping in another manner, geofoam will prove quite helpful. Geofoam allows for clean and quick construction even by bodies of added in surprisingly little time and requires comparably less labor. Furthermore, once your geofoam for landscaping is in place, you won’t be saddled with extensive maintenance in the future.

landscaping with ESP blocks infographic

Benefits of Landscaping

Flexibility and Strength

Geofoam’s light weight, numerous densities and ease of use allow for it to be used in landscaping of all different types. In fact, geofoam is even used for vegetation in green rooftops. The next time you spot vegetation or other greenery growing on a green rooftop in your city, take a moment to think about the fact that such an engineering feat is accomplished with the use of geofoam. In short, geofoam serves as the foundation for landscaping, greenery, and other aesthetically pleasing structures to be put into place in a manner that holds steady in the years ahead.


Green roofs made with geofoam maximize the lifespan of this portion of buildings which is often neglected, reducing costs of energy use, providing extended roof lifespan, and offering natural insulation. Whether you are thinking of constructing a new residential property, commercial building or you would like to convert your current roof into a green roof our geofoam will let you contribute meaningfully towards efforts of preserving our increasingly sensitive planet.