Lightweight Structure Foundations

Foundations for Lightweight Structures

The perfect material for the foundation of your public or private property’s lightweight structures

Geofoam is similar to other types of foundation fill and building fill, yet it is comparably affordable and much more sturdy.  Ask anyone who relies on geofoam for the foundation of their lightweight structure about its quality and reliability and you will be inundated with praise for this material.  Geofoam is particularly helpful for replacing conventional agricultural pile footings.  The benefit of relying on geofoam for such footings extends well beyond the cost savings support, flute fillers, landscaping, roads, and beyond, geofoam has numerous uses. Give geofoam a try and you will find it is reliable, versatile, water-resistant, and free from harmful components.

Two men unload large geofoam blocks

Benefits of Foundations for Lightweight Structures

Easy & Quick Installation

Adding geofoam is comparably easy and quick. Geofoam is non-toxic, easy to transport, and quite reliable. In fact, geofoam footings are advanced to the point that they impart a load that nets out to zero on surrounding soil. This is particularly important in the context of peat soils that are quite compressible. Furthermore, geofoam serves as a reliable foundation for lightweight structures built on clay soils as there is minimal or even no footing settlement.

Resistant Against Pressure

Though geofoam is lightweight, it is quite high in density, meaning it is resistant against pressure. This is precisely why geofoam is the perfect foundational reinforcement product and insulation application for both residential and commercial projects. Geofoam boosts thermal insulation thanks to its unique physical properties that catalyze the heating/cooling processes with the utmost efficiency.

Affordable & Multiuse

Geofoam’s use extends to filling in gaps in structural foundations, walls, and even roof buildings. This is a buffer material that allows for soil weight to be distributed in an even manner while minimizing pressure applied to surrounding walls. If you are planning on building any type of lightweight structure, you owe it to yourself and your budget to consider the merits of geofoam.