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Polymolding - poly rite

POLY R.I.T.E Sheathing

is a laminated EPS insulation board that can be laminated with clear or metalized facers. POLY R.I.T.E is available in different density (10-60 psi) to provide the maximum protection while providing the performance of your existing insulation. POLY R.I.T.E is durable, lightweight and cost effective.

It comes standard as a metallic reflective facer, but other options include a clear laminate, grid pattern, or any combination of the two. POLY R.I.T.E can contribute towards LEED credits, and is recognized as an ENERGY STAR® insulation.


POLY R.I.T.E is successfully used in numerous applications in both commercial and residential construction. For example:


POLY RITE is 100% recyclable. It can be ground into smaller, grain-like granules before being incorporated into new Foam-Control products. Alternatively, it can be processed to form a resin, which is then used to manufacture new products.

This material also provides a fully stable R-value that holds steady across time without busting your budget. Compare the cost of POLY RITE to other options and you will find it is comparably affordable. POLY RITE dries rapidly, releasing all moisture in surprisingly little time. Compressive strengths between 25 PSI, 40 PSI and 60 PSI are available. Add in the fact that this material does not suffer thermal drift and you have all the more reason to use it.


Improve R–Value

Provides a stable long-term R-value at a lower cost.

Cost effective

EPS Is less expensive than other Insulation products

Long-Term Warranty

20-Year Thermal Performance warranty.


With available compressive strength of 15 psi, 20 psi, 25 psi, 40 psi and 60 psi

High drying potential

Rapidly releases absorbed moisture


POLY R.I.T.E. laminated facers provide greater durability than non-laminated products.


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