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Secant Forms

Secant Forms

Secant forms with geofoam are becoming more popular as time progresses

Secant walls are best described as extensive concrete cylinders that overlap with one another, featuring steel I-beams or rebar cages to form a wall system or foundation without disturbing the area nearby.  Geofoam is used for secant walls regardless of the space available, depth and other factors.  Structural engineers often call for several unique secant pile configurations, especially if the property boundary is particularly narrow.  Secant piles comprised of geofoam are now commonly used in the boundaries of all sorts of different buildings as well as property lines.

ESP secant forms in constructions

Benefits of Secant Forms


As time progresses, construction businesses, architects, and engineers are gravitating toward geofoam as it is easy to work with, affordable, and requires a minimal time investment. In fact, it merely takes a couple of workers to move a large block of geofoam by hand. This is much more efficient than investing the time and effort necessary to fill the area with soil. In fact, the use of geofoam for roadbed or embankment support prevents the need for heavy construction.

Waterproof Membrane

Geofoam is also favored as there is minimal disturbance to the land along the exterior of the foundation. Geofoam is water-resistant, easy to put into perfect position and built to last. Secant pile wall construction with geofoam will be used in more and more civil engineering projects with embedded retaining walls. Geofoam facilities the stabilization of embankments basements and other storage spaces.

Long-term Stability

Furthermore, geofoam helps create secant walls that stabilize and protect subterranean tanks as well as other buried structures. As long as the groundwater table location, deflections, propping, soil conditions and other factors are reviewed appropriately beforehand, geofoam will prove optimal for secant wall construction.

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