About Us

The Expanded Polystyrene Manufacturer You Can Trust

As the only Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Geofoam manufacturer in New Jersey, we take pride in our specialized role within the construction industry. Catering to both private and public sectors, our expertise extends from engineering solutions to seamless project submittals, enhancing the construction process in multifaceted ways.

Our EPS products stand as a testament to affordability, durability, and convenience, outshining alternatives that necessitate intricate staging or preloading. Our influence continues to expand, with our offerings even contributing to the reconstruction efforts post-Hurricane Sandy and 9/11.

Committed to environmental responsibility, we’ve meticulously designed our EPS products to be eco-friendly, with a meticulous attention to quality assurance. From New Jersey to the far reaches of the Northeast, including New York, Washington DC, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and beyond, our EPS solutions such as Expanded Polystyrene products serve as integral components in construction projects. Placing trust in our EPS Geofoam, a lightweight fill serving as a versatile substitute for soil, guarantees reduced load, minimized settlements, heightened stability, and enduring reliability across industrial, commercial, and residential applications.

Poly Molding Team

Leadership with Irreverence for Convention

Our team is headed by Adam Corn. Adam invested three years of hard work in mastering Poly Molding LLC equipment and machinery after college. He launched the company’s sales department in the
mid-90s and spent the next decade and a half building an expansive customer base. Poly Molding’s gradual progression throughout the entire northeast region is the direct result of Adam’s hard work.

To new heights and beyond

Many clients are intrigued to discover that Poly Molding’s origins trace back to crafting mannequin heads and beer coolers. While EPS Foam still serves these functions, our operations have evolved to contribute to a diverse range of larger construction projects. Our commitment to expansion remains steadfast, aiding builders across commercial and residential sectors in constructing dependable projects of varying kinds that stand resilient and enduring over time.

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Adam Corn

Adam embodies a true testament to being “born into the family business.” Starting at the tender age of thirteen, he undertook diverse roles within the company, amassing a comprehensive understanding of warehousing and manufacturing by high school graduation. Upon earning a management degree in 1992, he joined full time, orchestrating the formation of a robust sales team and steering product development, roles he carried fervently for two decades.

In a pivotal move, Adam and his father recognized the need for ownership continuity to uphold Poly Molding’s flourishing trajectory. In 2011, he took the reins entirely, solidifying his commitment. With years of tenacious experience under his belt, Adam has driven Poly Molding’s ascent, propelling it to the forefront as a premier EPS manufacturer.

Our Team


Robert Gallo

Joined the company in 2021, Rob has over 28 years’ experience in Sales, Operations and Management within the materials distribution market.


Shawn Ferguson

Has been with the company for 15 years and has over 30 years of experience in the EPS in the industry.


Adrian Tejada

Has been with our team for more than a decade, tirelessly working to enhance the manufacturing process. Leads his team to ensure quality manufacturing and service.


Victor Uceta

Joined the company in 2019, he leads a team to achieve sales targets, executing strategies for revenue growth, analyzing market trends, mentoring, and collaborating for effective operations.


Joann Doty

Having joined the company in 1999, she effectively oversees our accounting department, skillfully managing receivables and payables.


Samantha Gallo

Joined our team in 2023 as a marketing and sales associate, crafting strategies, nurturing client bonds, and helping the growth of the sales department.

CAD Technician

Stephen Walker

joined our company in 2023, excels as a CAD Technician. His adept use of CAD software enables the creation of precise technical drawings, contributing to our design and development endeavors.

Poly Molding Service Areas


Our business is rapidly growing and expanding!

Our timely service and excellent customer relations are the reason why Poly Molding supplies most major distributors and has made us the leader in the Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Geofoam industry. Our factory is conveniently located in Northern New Jersey and we service clients through the East coast of the US.