Utility Protection

Utility Protection

Geofoam’s unique composition is perfect for protecting utilities, pipelines and other buried structures

The last thing you need is for your buried utility line, pipe, or other important subterranean structure to be compromised.  If your utilities are disrupted, life, business and all other activities will prove egregiously difficult.  Geofoam is available to protect your utility lines.  This lightweight material is designed for high compressive strength that mitigates both horizontal and vertical loading when used near utilities, pipes, and other underground structures.  If you live or work in or near a seismic zone, geofoam will boost the pipeline security, ultimately helping you avoid a costly upgrade or relocation.

Geofoam EPS Utility Protection

Benefits of Utility Protection

Resistant Against Pressure

Position geofoam above a pipe, utility supply or culvert and you will benefit from the material’s compressive softness. Think of geofoam’s impact as a sort of soft zone that mitigates the vertical loading of the adjacent soil. When geofoam is used below concrete structures, it absorbs the upward impact from soil’s expansion, ensuring the utility remains well-protected and fully functional. Furthermore, geofoam is favored for subterranean utility line and pipeline protection as it is malleable. Geofoam can be shaped with ease around pipes, utility lines and other subterranean structures for comprehensive protection.

Reduces Driving Forces

Whether you are looking to raise or otherwise alter internal pipework, desire to add thermal protection to utilities, are looking to protect utilities or reduce the dead load on subterranean utilities, geofoam is the answer. Furthermore, geofoam safeguards culverts, commonly as a component of embankment construction. In fact, geofoam studies show this material is capable of protecting high-strength steel pipelines used to transmit gas. Geofoam also dampens surrounding vibrations to protect utility line integrity. Add in the fact that the use of geofoam allows for utilities lines already laid to remain in place and you have more reason to use it.