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EPS Flute Fill

Poly Molding's Flute Fill is a cost effective method to level your metal roof or bridge deck and to stop energy loss or displace concrete.

Ribbed profiles are relied upon to generate sufficient support for roofing material at both residential and commercial buildings.  The flute is the portion of the ribs with a gap.  Our geofoam products function as flute fillers to close the gap between such spaces while simultaneously enhancing the roof’s resistance to moisture and bolstering the roof assembly’s R-Value.  Geofoam is the perfect flute filler as it is light in weight, proves strong across posterity and won’t bust your budget.

Geofoam expanded polystyrene (EPS) is optimal for flute filling as it is durable, thermal resistant and can even be customized to suit the nuances of the roof in question.  Flute fillers are suitable for roofs with varying rib sizes, shapes, and other nuances.  Furthermore, our flute filler insulation customization guarantees the ribbed space will be completely concealed without even the slightest gap.  An added benefit is the fact that flute fillers typically come with a limited lifetime warranty, a true testament to the material’s reliability.  You will be hard-pressed to find another material with the same benefits as geofoam flute filler.

Flute filler

Geofoam’s moisture resistance prevents water from seeping in.  Furthermore, flute filler insulation is performed with foam control tech that allows for a highly specific fit tailored to each individual roof.

Flute Filler geofoam closes the space between open spaces, dubbed the flute, in roofs of both commercial and residential buildings.  This material enhances the roof’s R-value.  This means the material provides ample support and can be subjected to extreme pressure without buckling. Furthermore, this material is widely favored as it is thermal resistant.

You can add this material without worry considering the fact that it almost always comes with a limited lifetime warranty.  This warranty reinforces the manufacturer’s unwavering confidence geofoam expanded polysytrene’s formidability over time.


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