PolyNex™ Flute Fill

PolyNex™ Flute Fill

Poly Molding’s PolyNex™ GPS Flute Fill serves as a void fill solution designed for application over existing metal roofs, creating a uniform and level foundation for the new roofing system.

This premium material is composed of rigid graphite polystyrene (GPS) insulation with closed cells, offering a variety of compressive strengths due to modifications in densities.

PolyNex™ provides up to 20% more insulating value than standard EPS, allowing for more energy savings with the same amount of material.

Manufactured to meet or exceed ASTM C578 standards for rigid, cellular polystyrene thermal insulation, Poly Molding’s PolyNex™ Flute Fill is tailored with precision, featuring a custom cut with either a square or tapered edge to seamlessly accommodate various metal deck or steel roof designs.

For installation, the product is either loosely placed or mechanically fastened on top of the metal or steel roof to ensure a consistent and flat substrate. This approach guarantees a reliable and robust foundation for the new roofing system.


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