Green Roofs & Plaza Decks

Green Roofs / Plaza Deck

Geofoam is helping to make the world a greener and more sustainable place

Lean on our team to help construct a green roof with geofoam and you will have the option of either an extensive roof or an intensive roof. The extensive variety is covered from end-to-end with a light amount of vegetation. The intensive variety is comparably thick, supporting all sorts of different plants, some of which are quite heavy. Put your faith in our geofoam and you will rest easy knowing the green roof above your head will hold steady no matter how much vegetation grows.
Geofoam EPS Green Roofs Plaza Decks

Benefits of Green Roofs / Plaza Deck


Environmentally-friendly construction has become the new trend these days. As an increasing number of homeowners, businessowners and governmental organizations look for creative ways to conserve energy and promote sustainability, geofoam has seen a rise in demand as a green roofing material. With an uncertain future and the fate of Mother Nature hanging in the balance, there is no better time than now to reconsider your sustainability options.

Waterproof Membrane

Green roofs/plaza deck are those either fully or partially covered with vegetation that is planted atop a waterproof membrane. In fact, some green roof designs go as far as adding extra layers to create a root barrier along with drainage and an irrigation system. In other words, geofoam’s contribution to green roofing helps property owners and governments create planet-saving rooftop gardens that improve our air quality and generate produce for healthy living.

Cutting Energy Costs

Geofoam green roofs/plaza decks play a huge part in getting the most out of this often overlooked part of buildings. They come with the benefit of providing natural insulation, cutting down on energy costs as well as providing you with a roof lifespan that can last much longer. Whether you are building a new structure from scratch or would like to upgrade your current roof to a more sustainable one, our geofoam is an excellent choice for sustainability. Our geofoam-based roofs can also be joined to plaza decks for the overall effect of a rooftop that’s not just visually-pleasing, but environmentally-friendly.