PolyNex™ Board

PolyNex™ Board

Poly Molding’s PolyNex™ Board, constructed from graphite polystyrene, presents an excellent solution for projects demanding rigid insulation boards with diverse compressive strengths ranging from 10-60 psi. Offering a cost-effective alternative compared to other products in the industry, contractors and industry professionals alike recognize the exceptional value in Poly Molding’s PolyNex™ Board.

This insulation board is not only durable and flexible but also easy to fabricate, ensuring practicality in various applications. Importantly, its R-Value remains consistent over time, providing lasting thermal performance.

Manufactured to meet or exceed the stringent ASTM C578 standards, Poly Molding’s PolyNex™ Board stands out as a superior product in the realm of rigid, cellular polystyrene thermal insulation.

Widely employed in commercial, industrial, and residential settings, PolyNex™ Board finds versatile use in applications such as basements, foundation perimeters, retaining walls, below-grade insulation, interior/exterior walls, concrete panels, and siding backer boards.

With its proven performance, PolyNex™ Board stands as a reliable choice for insulation needs across diverse construction projects.


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