The Importance of EPS Flute Fill in Metal Roofing Construction

Metal roofing is a popular choice for many commercial or non-commercial roofers, but without the proper insulation, it can be ineffective. The use of Poly Molding’s EPS Flute Fill as roofing insulation is essential to a durable and long-lasting metal roof. EPS Flute Fill is a lightweight, recycled expanded polystyrene (EPS) material that provides the […]

Accelerating Construction Timelines with Geofoam 

Geofoam, a lightweight, durable, and efficient material, is an excellent option to reduce project timelines and ease the site preparation process for commercial construction projects.  Geofoam, a type of foam foundation block, offers a variety of benefits and applications for construction projects. Contractors have used it to solve several challenges, including transforming steep-sloped lots into […]

The Importance of EPS Geofoam in Construction

Since the 1930s, EPS Geofoam has been in commercial usage. The discovery of EPS, which is 30 times lighter than in-expanded polystyrene, gave rise to a slew of new applications, including several applications in the construction sector.

Benefits Of Using EPS Geofoam to Build Lightweight Roads


Geofoam is garnering widespread praise for its stability, reliability and longevity in the context of construction. Geofoam is now considered to be one of the top materials used for the construction and support of piers and other water-based structures.

The Impact of Geofoam in our environment

As the world gravitates towards more sustainable practices, geofoam is the emerging star in the construction industry. Read on to discover the ways in which geofoam is saving the earth.

Why Slopes Fail And How Geofoam Prevents This From Happening

      Drive along highways, and you’ll sometimes notice slopes or inclined grounds. Slopes play a significant role in the development of highways, railway embankments, and canals because they are generally a more cost-effective option than retaining walls. However, this brings up several issues, be it artificial or natural, such as slope collapse. As […]

Why Geofoam Should Be Part Of Your Green Construction Projects

Green construction projects are booming, with an increased demand for buildings and structures that are environmentally responsible and utilizes resources efficiently. It’s important to stay in touch with climate change and the ever-changing state of the environment. Here are some reasons why geofoam should be used in your next eco-friendly project. Increased Energy Efficiency As […]

How Is Geofoam Used in Concrete Construction?

Have you already heard about why expanded polystyrene geofoam is so popular in the construction industry? If you have not, we would like to tell you all about this useful material and why it is so crucial in so many construction applications. The convenience, flexibility, efficiency, and versatility that expanded polystyrene—also referred to as EPS—geofoam […]