Cost Saving Benefits for EPS Geofoam

Geofoam Cost Saving

When it comes to construction products, there is a common misconception that there are few, if any, alternatives to traditional building materials. However, numerous alternatives are available, many of which have merits that exceed those of traditional construction materials. In particular, geofoam blocks insulation provides extensive cost savings benefits along with other key advantages. Opt for EPS foam insulation blocks and you will save a considerable amount of money during your construction project while simultaneously boosting the odds that the building or other structure holds strong across posterity.

Geofoam Benefits Your Bottom Line

Wouldn’t it be nice to save 20% to 25% or even more on your building materials? Take the geofoam route and you will save this percentage of the aggregate cost of construction materials. Check out foam price for yourself and you will be pleasantly surprised as to how affordable this material is. Foam board insulation prices are likely to stagnate while the cost of other building materials has the potential to dramatically escalate. However, this is only one of the many ways in which foam blocks add value to your construction project.

Ask anyone who has used Styrofoam insulation blocks as opposed to traditional building materials about the benefits of this approach and you will be inundated with praise for EPS. Let’s take a closer look at why foam blocks are revered by builders across the globe.

Affordable Transportation Combined With Superior Logistics

Transportation costs have spiked for several reasons. For one, the price of fuel has increased. Add in the fact that there is a truck driver shortage and the cost of transportation has risen even more. Making matters worse is the seemingly ever-increasing governmental regulations that bump up transportation costs higher and higher.

If you need construction materials at a worksite, don’t make the common mistake of opting for comparably expensive and logistically challenging soil and other conventional materials when affordable insulation foam blocks are available. Insulation blocks have about 1% of the weight of regular soil. Opt for light EPS foam blocks and you really will save money, time and effort. These unique blocks can even be transported for delivery in exact accordance with your unique schedule so you don’t have to bother creating a distinct area for staging and subsequently move the blocks to the worksite.

As is often said, time equates to money. Those working on highway, road or bridge projects will benefit from quick installation as it means there is less time required for redirecting traffic. Furthermore, fewer man hours will be required to complete the project. In the end, the overhead and logistics cost decrese by a considerable amount when you use construction foam blocks as opposed to conventional building materials.

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Rapid and Highly Efficient Installation

Styrofoam products are revered as builder-friendly as they are light in weight, tipping the scales at a mere 1-2 lbs. per cubic ft. Soil and dirt weighs 99% more. Take a moment to think about how nice it would be if your team could quickly and easily pick up these blocks and put them into their respective positions. You won’t need costly equipment to lift and move these building materials, meaning you will save that much more money. EPS blocks can also be customized, meaning they are cut to size when made and transported to your worksite without any additional work required. You won’t have to spend a single second performing retrofitting when you choose EPS.

The ease of use of geofoam also empowers your team to complete the project in as little time as possible, ultimately saving you that much more money. In fact, geofoam is one of the few materials to have received approval for accelerated bridge construction. Whether you plan on building a highway or something comparably small such as a local building with a block foundation, EPS geofoam will help you get the job done quickly and at the lowest possible cost.

Your use of geofoam is a strong selling point as it differentiates your company from the rest when entering bids for new projects. Add in the fact that there are fewer delays due to weather when you opt for geofoam and you have even more reason to use it. This unique material is highly resistant to water and moisture, meaning it can be installed even amidst inclement weather. Resistance to moisture helps your team meet the timetable for project completion yet waterproof insulation is also quite the powerful selling point from the client’s perspective.

Reduced Labor Costs

Foam building blocks help you save a considerable amount of money on personnel. Regardless of the type of project you have in mind, you will find your team adds EPS foam insulation blocks with ease. You won’t need nearly as many employees to get the job done when you use geofoam as opposed to other, more conventional building materials. Fewer people combined with fewer man hours really does save you a bundle of money in the end.

If you are concerned about EPS insulation, don’t fret. Installation is quite easy, requiring merely a short period for training that empowers your team to understand this material and install it with surprising ease. Give geofoam a chance today and this unique material is sure to exceed your expectations while saving you a bundle of money.

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